• Partner member
    12 months
    Package price
    R 18,156.52

    Travel Partner is a supplier who supplies travel products, services or both to end-consumers, either directly or through travel members.

    The structure shall comprise of members in the following categories: 

    • Accommodation establishments
    • Airlines
    • Car Rental
    • Education & Training
    • Embassies / High Commission Consulates
    • Financial Institutions
    • Foreign Trade Associations
    • General Sales Agents
    • Insurance
    • Professional Conference Organisers
    • Technology
    • Travel Media

    The membership fee shown above is excluding VAT.

  • Travel Member
    12 months
    Package price
    R 9,634.78

    Travel Members is a travel business whose core business is:

    (Travel Agent, Tour Operator, Wholesaler)

    • selling domestic and international travel products, services or both to end-consumers, corporates or government; or
    • developing, preparing, marketing and reserving tours and travel packages; or
    • providing travel agents with a wide selection of offers to destinations.

    The membership fee shown excludes VAT.

    Mandatory documents upload will be needed in the application. Kindly download and complete them before uploading in the next step -> DOCUMENTS


    I confirm that the members, senior management, and myself have read ASATA's rules which includes ASATA's:

    • Code of Conduct
    • Travel Members Terms of Reference
    • Code of Conduct
    • Advertising guidelines
    • Corporate Identity Guidelines
    • I confirm that the member/applicant:
    • will comply with ASATA's rules and the laws that apply to its business
    • has given accurate and up-to-date information, and
    • I will update ASATA when the information changes.